SL was launched in 1990 and 30 years on we are proud of our achievements and strong pedigree, having managed or advised over 40 collective investment vehicles comprising assets in excess of $9.5bn

Our history

SL was founded in 1990 when current Chairman & Co-founder Paul Sands discovered a PhD dissertation authored by co-founder Dr Peter Clode; entitled, “The viability of the UK Traded Endowment Policy (UK TEP) market”

Dr Clode’s dissertation explored quantitative approaches to assessing the underlying value of UK TEPs, and identified a unique and fascinating arbitrage opportunity for investors in this asset class – a discovery that would ultimately pave the way to the large scale development of the UK TEP market.

During the 1990s, SL became the pre-eminent force in the UK TEP market with a reputation for technical diligence & product innovation – coupled with an ethos of strong corporate governance and integrity – demonstrated through the development of a series of long term relationships with global institutional partners.

During the early noughties, SL extended its remit by diversifying into the US Life Settlement market – where there were many similarities with the UK TEP market -adopting the same analytical approach that had proved so successful for investors in the early years.

SL Invest's history

The UK TEP market has flourished over the past 30 years, reaching its peak trading in 2009-2013. However, as we projected, the market is now in its sunset phase. The availability of tradable ‘conventional’ endowments has naturally diminished, as they are increasingly replaced by more flexible investment products such as unit linked endowments, where no arbitrage exists.


UK TEPs continue to be an important part of our business, and we continue to manage legacy portfolios of UK TEPs on behalf of existing clients.


However, US Life Settlements are now the predominant focus of our new business initiatives, with the market continuing to expand and become increasingly established.

Over the next 30 years

Over the next 30 years we are looking forward to working with partners on the development of exciting new products, with focus on low levels of correlation to traditional asset classes, through targeted investments in US Life Settlements and other longevity\insurance based assets.

Our journey

Our success is due to the specialist skills and experience of our knowledge-based

teams of professionals together with our reputation for innovation and strong corporate governance.

SL launches One Life Settlement Fund, an open ended US Life Settlement suitable for global institutional investors.
SL collaborates with Perisen to launch the second in a series of closed ended US Life Settlement funds suitable for Canadian institutional investors.
SL launches BlackOak Investors LP, an open-ended US Life Settlement fund suitable for global professional investors.
The company rebrands to “SL Investment Management” to reflect its role transition to one of manager; and broadening of its asset range.
In partnership with König & Cie, IdeenKapital (Ergo) and HVB (Unicredit), SL creates a series of closed ended UK TEP funds suitable for German retail investors.
Working with HSBC, Investec and Preferred Asset Management, SL creates the first ever London listed Investment Trust investing in US Life Settlements.
Working with Credit Suisse Life & Pensions, SL creates two Channel Island closed ended investments based upon UK TEPs and US Life Settlements.
SL expands its offering through the creation of a series of Channel Island based OEICs, later diversifying into commercial property and US Life Settlements.
SL partners with Friends Provident International in the creation of two open ended UK TEP funds domiciled in the Cayman Islands, suitable for both institutional and retail investors.
Partnering Kleinwort, SL creates the first London listed Investment Trust investing in UK TEPs. This is the first in a series of four Investment Trusts launched during the 1990s.
SL is founded as "Surrenda-link" and established as a market marker in Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs) - pionerring the development of the market.