Since 1990, we have partnered with global institutions in the creation of over 40 insurance linked investment products, aimed at delivering stable and low-correlation investment solutions for investors

SL Investment Management is delighted to have been awarded the accolade of ‘Best Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund – $<1B’ in recognition of the performance of the firm’s flagship life settlement investment BlackOak Fund.

1. SL Investment Management was incorporated March 1990; 2. Figure includes all insurance assets advised\managed by SL Investment Management since incorporation; 3. Figure includes all insurance assets analysed by SL Investment Management since incorporation. For non USD assets fx rate at date of product inception used.

Global investment funds

Global Reach

We have worked with investors and partners globally, creating a diverse range of structures in multiple domiciles:

  • Limited Partnerships
  • Investment Trusts
  • OEICs
  • PCCs
  • FCPs
  • SICAVs
  • UK, Channel Islands & IoM
  • USA & Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • Ireland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg

Our Partnerships

Our investors and partners include asset managers, investment banks,
pension funds, intermediaries, professional investors and their advisors

Case Study 1

Date: 2013

Closed ended fund launch

SL engaged with a Canadian based consortium in the development of a closed-ended alternative investment fund investing in insurance assets.

SL brought over 2 decades of experience specialising in secondary insurance markets, with a deep technical understanding of how to best optimise investor value through targeted asset pricing\acquisition and actuarial modelling of anticipated cash flows. SL offered its efficient, diligent and robust asset management processes, together with an established network of third-party servicing agents to engage as required.

The Canadian partner brought extensive experience operating within global capital markets, structuring and management of investment portfolios, investor relations and capital raising within the institutional and HNW investor space.

Creation of a Canadian Limited Partnership offering North American institutional and HNW individuals a fixed term investment in a highly selective portfolio of US and Canadian Life Settlements.

The first fund launched in 2013. The partner acting as the fund promoter and investment manager based in Canada, with SL maintaining the remit as the specialist investment advisor and manager of the Life Settlement portfolio. A second fund was successfully launched in 2018.

Case Study 2

Date: 2013

Open ended fund launch

SL engaged with an Asian based partner in the creation of a bespoke open-ended US Life Settlement investment, initially tailored towards HNW private investors; with a view to extending the offering into the broader Middle East, European and Asian markets.

SL brought extensive experience and knowledge of applying low cost structuring solutions for start-up portfolios, where keeping set-up costs and initial running expenses low is an essential part of protecting initial investment capital and providing the best opportunity for long term sustained growth and success. As an FCA regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager, SL has a long and successful history of operating within the highly regulated UK financial sector.

The Asian partner brought a wealth of experience from operating in private equity and capital markets in Asia\Europe, especially in relation to introducing investors to niche investment opportunities with low correlation to traditional capital market investments.

Creation of a UK Limited Partnership offering global institutional investors and HNW individuals access to an open-ended investment in a highly selective portfolio of US Life Settlements.

Launched in early 2014, maintaining a meticulous and disciplined investment strategy, the SL team has built a highly diversified and optimised portfolio of US Life Settlement investments.

Through the continued development of new working partnerships in the Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the fund has doubled in size during 2020, whilst delivering steady and reliable investor returns.

Case Study 3

Date: 2014

Administration & Servicing

SL were approached by a European asset management company seeking specialist administration support for an existing portfolio of US Life Settlements. The asset management company was seeking a strategy to realise best value for investors with a medium to long-term timeframe.

SL brought over 2 decades of experience in delivering effective administration solutions for insurance assets, ensuring that individual policies are efficiently and carefully maintained and kept in force to the point of maturity claim or sale. SL’s access to US service partners coupled with its in-depth knowledge of tertiary markets – where existing portfolios trade with one another – allowed sale opportunities to be identified where appropriate to maximise investor value.

The European partner brought a mature portfolio of US Life Settlements, held within established structures, along with an existing network of investors.

Creation of a UK based service offering to ensure that sufficient liquidity was maintained to continue to service the Life Settlement portfolio, and policies remained in force to maturity or sale. Ongoing premium costs were minimised for investors through specialist ‘best in class’ premium optimisation techniques honed by SL over the years.

Around half of the portfolio has been successfully realised to date, with the balance of the portfolio on target to be realised in the coming years.


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