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11 March 2016

BlackOak goes from strength to strength

SL's latest US Life Settlement offering - BlackOak Investors LP - is a medium to long term Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) aimed at achieving steady capital growth at favourable risk adjusted rates irrespective of movements in mainstay asset classes.

Investors have been experiencing a particularly volatile period in global capital markets and are increasingly looking towards alternative investment strategies in their quest for yield, especially as interest rates in many of the world's major economies look set to stay lower for longer.

Launched in February 2014, the fund had achieved an impressive 19.1% return in its first 16 month period to July 2015. Since then the fund has gone from strength to strength with realised returns - achieved through both the trading of policies and maturities - continuing to bolster performance.

Patrick McAdams, Investment Director at SL Investment Management commented, "The fund continues to perform extremely well, and we have been very pleased with the performance the team at SL has achieved for investors. We remain upbeat about the prospects of the Life Settlement asset class continuing to deliver, especially when performance of more traditional investments appears to be faltering."

"We are thrilled to have overcome the regulatory restrictions that have, up until now, hampered our ability to directly promote the fund. Having recently completed a rebrand of BlackOak and the launch of a new website, we are excited about the prospects of raising awareness of the benefits of investing in the fund to a wider investor base".

BlackOak Investors LP is a UK domiciled fund denominated in USD. It is suitable for global sophisticated investors only, with a minimum investment requirement of USD 100k. For further information please visit the BlackOak website.