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27 January 2015

SL partners Globalvest AG in administration of Swiss Settlements

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SL Investment Management (SL) is delighted to announce its appointment by Globalvest AG as service partner for their US Life Settlement based product, Swiss Settlements. Globalvest AG is a boutique product provider based in Basel, Switzerland, specialising in Alternative investments, particularly US Life Settlements.

From 19th January 2015, SL has taken on administrative services in relation to the co-ordination of premium payments with the US Insurance Companies, tracking of the status of lives assured and associated maturity claims on behalf of investors.

As part of the handover, SL is pleased to welcome Michel Weber to the team. Michel has been working at Globalvest and with the underlying investor base for a number of years. His experience is highly valued in facilitating a smooth handover of responsibilities, and ensuring that existing high levels of investor service are built upon.

Daniel Johnston, Portfolio Services Manager at SL said, "We have been working with Globalvest on this project for a number of months, and we're excited that the handover is finally happening. These types of bespoke servicing requirement are exactly what the SL team relish, and we very much look forward to working with Globalvest and the investor base going forward."

If you are an existing investor in Swiss Settlements with questions about the handover, please contact Michel Weber. Alternatively, if you are looking for how SL may be able to support with your investment or asset administration requirements, please contact Daniel Johnston.